Strange Engineering’s Stainless-Steel Brakes

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MORTON GROVE, Ill. – Heat is the enemy of a braking system, and drag racing, in specific, places unique demands on brakes, as drivers accelerate and then decelerate as quickly as possible, often with little margin for error in the latter. This leads to brake fade and potentially dangerous scenarios for a driver.

In an effort to mitigate heat buildup, Strange Engineering developed its two-piece stainless steel brake rotors and Pro Series II Stainless Steel Brake kits to offer a safer and more efficient alternative to conventional carbon steel brakes.

As the speeds of today’s race cars increases, the braking system experiences abusive loads that reduces the life of the rotor.

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The Strange two-piece rotor design positions itself as a superior brake option to the conventional one-piece and bolt-together rotor designs.

A giant leap forward in brake technology, Strange’s floating stainless steel rotor features a corrosion resistant material that can survive elevated temperatures without warping or distorting. The rotor is thermally stress-relieved to further enhance material stability, resulting in the ability to consistently and quickly scrub off speed without the concern of brake drag and rotor warpage, while dissipating heat and preventing brake fade.

“Strange Stainless Steel Brakes are cooler, stronger and more corrosion-resistant than conventional brakes. Because Stainless Steel Brakes deliver outstanding thermal stress relief, the drag racing demon of brake fade is virtually eliminated,” explained Strange’s J.C. Cascio. “We’ve all been there, right? You make a fast pass, press the brake pedal, and the brake pedal touches the floor. When brake friction material is too hot, it “softens”, and the brakes disappear. It’s a horrible feeling when you’re at the end of a runway at over 100 mph.”

Strange Pro Series II Stainless Steel Brake Kits include stainless steel rotors for superior strength and durability, as well as heat dissipation.

Billet calipers are offered in a number of configurations and feature oversized 1.750-inch stainless steel pistons that provide increased clamping force and piston stability.

Pro Series II Stainless Steel Brake Kits are offered in a single or dual piston caliper configuration, and soft organic, high-temp or hard metallic brake pads are compatible with all Strange drag racing brakes.

The two-piece stainless steel rotors are likewise compatible with any of the popular Strange rear brake kits.

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