Siemssen Joins MEYLE Executive Board

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Source: MEYLE AG announcement

HAMBURG — MEYLE AG, the spare parts manufacturer based in Hamburg, appointed Marc Siemssen to the Executive Board on July 1, 2022. Siemssen, 50, has been MEYLE’s Chief Human Resources Officer for five years.

In addition to Human Resources, he will also be responsible for marketing, sales and product management in the new role. He has many years of experience in leadership positions in the automotive and other industries.

Siemssen’s appointment completes the MEYLE Executive Board, which currently comprises Dr Karl J. Gaertner, Chairman, and Dirk Damaschke, Chief Financial Officer.

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“Over the past five years, Marc Siemssen has demonstrated an in-depth understanding of our company, the people here, our culture and our market, which is all the more remarkable considering the unique circumstances of the pandemic, emphasized Dr Karl J. Gaertner, Chairman of the MEYLE AG Executive Board. “We look forward to shaping the future of our company with his input.”

Siemssen is highly motivated to perform his new role at the company.

“I would like to thank you for placing your trust in me, and look forward to overcoming current challenges such as the pandemic and identifying new development opportunities for the manufacturer,” he said. “I remain fully committed to my responsibilities in Human Resources, with a focus on culture, the employer brand and more.”

Working closely with his colleagues in marketing, sales and product management, Siemssen is also eager to help promote growth and success.

MEYLE is already considered to be one of the leading spare parts specialists and manufacturers of premium parts in the independent aftermarket (IAM). Nonetheless, Siemssen sees huge potential in the global spare parts market for the manufacturer and developer of technically refined parts to establish an even stronger position internationally and generally increase brand awareness among those unfamiliar with the sector.

After all, MEYLE has proven its manufacturing and engineering expertise over the past 20 years with its flagship product range, MEYLE HD.

The long-standing company employs its own engineers, who take poorly constructed original spare parts and make them more reliable, durable and sustainable. With sustainability and a pioneering spirit deeply rooted in its DNA, MEYLE also further optimizes its HD solutions to overcome future market challenges for electric vehicles and anticipates solutions for tomorrow.

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For the benefit of business partners, customers and employees, Siemssen plans to pursue the company’s long-term aim of developing durable, innovative solutions, establishing a sustainable position and leading the company to the future alongside Dr Karl J. Gaertner and Dirk Damaschke.

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