SEINSA to Celebrate 50th Anniversary

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Source: SEINSA announcement

MADRID — The Navarrese company Seinsa Corporation, celebrates 50 years of consolidated business trajectory as a leading European brake-parts producer and recognized as one of the most innovative companies in Spain.

The tribute will take place Monday, April 25 at the Baluarte Conference Center in Pamplona at 12:00 p.m., with the assistance of María Chivite, president of the Autonomous Community of Navarre, Mikel Irujo, Minister of Economic and Business Development, as well as representatives of the European Parliament in Spain, authorities and international clients.

SEINSA is a leader in the manufacture of products for brake, suspension, steering and transmission systems for the world’s leading manufacturers.

José Antonio Azcarate founded the company in 1972, as a response to the employment crisis caused by the construction of the Eugi reservoir and in eight years the first factory was already leading the market in Spain.

Half a century later, Azcarate’s sons Mikel and Ander run the Grupo Seinsa Corporation, which has two production plants and a specialized workshop in Navarre, a factory in India (Chennai) inaugurated in 2005 and in the growth phase, mainly to supply the American market, as well as a logistics warehouse in Poland.

The Navarrese company aspires to grow in territories such as the United States, Brazil, Colombia or Mexico.  €14MM will be allocated in the next four years to promote “digital transformation, automation of production processes, the use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence”, said José Antonio Espinosa, CEO of Seinsa.  

Part of this growth is also aimed at the development of parts for brake caliper rebuilders, where parts are reused for the reconstruction of elements worldwide “because it is a booming market,” which is a clear commitment to sustainability and the firm’s commitment to the environment.

Sustained growth

SEINSA Corporation multiplied its annual sales volume, which exceeded 30 million euros in 2021, despite and against the forecasts of the automotive sector in general.

98 percent of the Navarrese company’s sales correspond to exports to 85 countries. It manufactures more than 17,000 references with 680,000 different applications for 85 vehicle brands.

The group has created a strategic triangle thanks to its three factories in Navarra and a fourth in Chennai, India, in addition to establishing in 2022 a logistics center in the center of Europe, in Poland.

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The company has established itself as a pioneer in Spain in the development of the European model of business excellence and makes its anti-crisis management methodology available to the entire automotive sector.

In 2002, it won the European EFQM award for quality management and in 2020 SEINSA becomes one of the most innovative companies recognized by INNOBASQUE.

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