Peterbilt Announces Bendix Wingman Fusion for Medium Duty

Peterbilt Motors Company announced the availability of Bendix® Wingman® Fusion™ advanced driver assistance system for its medium duty Models 348 and 337.

The optional collision mitigation technology from Bendix is available beginning in the fall of 2019. The system integrates camera and radar technology to enable advanced collision mitigation features including object detection, lane departure warning and overspeed alerts. These features contribute to lessen the driver’s workload, helping to enhance overall safety and increasing uptime.

“Peterbilt has long been a leader in safety for the commercial vehicle industry and offering advance driver assistance systems for medium duty products is a further testament to that commitment,” said Peterbilt’s medium duty marketing manager Kim Lawton. “Driving uptime is one of our core missions and it is also a top of mind purchase driver for Peterbilt customers. Wingman Fusion helps reduce driver fatigue, increases uptime and drives profitability for our medium duty customers.”

Wingman Fusion’s advanced features are ideal for the congested urban environments that many Peterbilt medium duty customers operate in. These features include:

  • Enhanced Collision Mitigation: When triggered by a slower moving or stationary vehicle ahead, sensors from Wingman Fusion’s integrated video, radar, and brake system generate a fast analysis to mitigate possible front end collisions, rollovers, and loss-of-control situations.
  • Object Detection: When Wingman Fusion can definitively identify a large, stationary, in-lane, metallic object the system will alert the driver. Then, if necessary, the system will automatically apply the vehicle’s brakes.
  • Lane Departure Warning: The camera system can recognize when the driver is making an unintended lane change, and alert the driver to return to the correct lane.

Added Lawton, “Safety systems like Wingman Fusion are not intended to be a replacement for skilled drivers or safe driving habits.  They are intended to complement the safe drivers that remain the heart of transportation industry.”

Source: Peterbilt

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