Mercedes-Benz Recalls Postal Vans Due to Brake-Line Issue

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SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. – Daimler Vans USA, LLC has agreed to recall certain right-hand drive post-delivery Mercedes-Benz Metris vehicles because, according to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report, a potential manufacturing defect could lead to “a sudden loss of brake fluids” which could impact braking performance.

The 562 2019-2020 model-year vehicles affected by this recall were manufactured between July 2019 and July 2020 at the company’s Charleston, S.C. plant.

According to NHTSA Part 573 Safety Recall Report 20V-729 “the screwed fittings between the rigid steel brake lines routed through the underbody of the vehicle and the brake hoses in the area of the front and rear axles may not have been correctly installed.”

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“The connection between the brake line and the brake hose may leak and resulting in a sudden loss of brake fluids, impacting braking performance and increasing the risk of a crash.

“The driver may observe extended braking pedal travel and a soft brake pedal. The instrument cluster may indicate low brake fluid.”

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The fix will include checking the torque of the brake-line-to-brake-hose connections, correcting as necessary and refilling the brake fluid as necessary.

Dates for notification of dealers and owners have not been set.

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