KGC Korea Launches High-Performance Brake Kit

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Source: KGC Korea announcement

SEOUL — KGC Korea, an automotive parts supplier specializing in brakes, announced the launch of a high-performance front-wheel brake kit with M4s, the new 4P calipers.

KGC 4POT Brake Kit is a big brake kit that is applied to the front wheel of a passenger automobile or SUV with a wheel size of 18 inches or larger to upgrade the braking performance.

According to the target vehicle model and its driving characteristics, KGC 4POT Brake Kit, which is a bolt-on kit, is combined with one of the three-colored calipers, three types of high-strength cast-iron disc measuring 355mm in diameter and 32T in thickness, and three types of the brake pad with different performance levels.

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M4s, a four-cylinder aluminum mono-block caliper, has been patented in Korea, the U.S., China and Taiwan.

It is characterized with the built-in bridge pipe, high-efficiency hydraulic pressure line, high structural rigidity, high-strength stainless steel piston, and high corrosion-resistant powder-coated surface.

M4s are available in three colors – Coral Red, which is red with a touch of pink, Banana Yellow, which is fresh yellow, and Indigo Aura, which is dark grayish indigo with a hint of celadon blue.

The disc is made of molybdenum alloy cast iron with high rigidity and friction coefficient. It is available in three types. F14 is a two-piece lightweight disc with the aluminum hub, R14 is one-piece disc in the two-piece design as an affordable model, and R14e is for hybrid and electric vehicle models that are vulnerable to noise.

As for the pad, S4, which is a high-performance semi-metallic pad with high GG-class friction coefficient; S4w, which is an FF-class pad with smooth braking power; or S4s, which is an FF-class pad for general users that does not produce dust or noise, can be selected.

KGC Korea started official mass-production following performance and quality verification through the five-year development process, which comprised of the new caliper development and expert’s test for three years and two years consumer test through the pilot sales for vehicle models of top South Korean automakers.

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The high-performance kit with two-piece discs is priced at KRW 1.2 million (approximately $1,020) and the entry-level model with a one-piece disc and the regenerative brake set are priced at KRW 990,000 (approximately $841).

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