JOST to Launch High-Performance Brake Pads


Equipment specialist JOST is releasing a new brake pad range optimized for longevity and improved efficiency.

Brake pads are an important element of any disc brake system and can have a huge impact on road safety according to JOST. The latest brake pads from JOST – colored blue, the color of innovation – feature unique premium friction material, a steel backplate )in blue for easy recognition), a slot for reliable dirt extrusion, a green coating to aid the conditioning process between pad and disc (even with used discs), an underlay for safe connection between friction material and backplate and a retaining bracket for a stable position in the brake carrier.

“With brake pads by JOST, available summer 2019, heavyweight truck and trailers are brought to a stop reliably, even in challenging transport operations,” the company said in a statement. “With the JOST friction material the brake system is brought to its optimal brake performance and lowest braking distance.”

The company has invested in decreasing the ‘fading effect’ – where excessive brake use leads to decreasing brake performance.

JOST brake pads feature a friction material that is reported to yield the best possible results at extreme temperatures as they occur during long downhill travel.

“The comparative test according to ISO 26865 with top of the market pads show that the blue JOST brake pads perform significantly better even in challenging transport operations,” the company said.

Seven million successful test kilometers are proof of concept for the reliability of the new blue brake pads.

JOST Head Technical Service – Axle Systems Klaus Lincke, said that individuals with experience realize the consequences of investing in inferior components: increased wear, shorter exchange intervals and worst-case scenario – the investment in new brake discs if the old ones are totally worn out.

“Pay attention to quality when it comes to spare parts and be careful regarding cheap offers from an unknown origin,” he said.

JOST asserts that the effect of abrasion of the friction combination in brake systems is being analyzed and brakes with reduced wear reduce the burden on the environment.

“Long-life brake pads support fleets in their transport operations,” JOST said. “The longer the lifetime of the pads the less downtime required in workshop. The vehicle’s availability improves. Proven competence of the blue JOST brake pads is also guaranteed here.”

Increased lifetime of the JOST blue pads and higher vehicle availability helps impact the economic success of each fleet, according to JOST. With all customers business success has highest priority, the company focuses on a win-win pricing strategy.

JOST strengthened its portfolio of original pads for JOST Truck and Trailer Axles with the addition of the blue pads. This was made possible by the ECE R90 certification.

“It was our goal to develop state-of-the technology pads with of convincing pricing,” said JOST Axle Systems Head of Product Development Tobias Neutze. “The new blue pads perform in all transport operations – this we have extensively tested.”

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