Galfer Celebrates 70 Years of Brake History

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BARCELONA — The Spanish company Galfer, leader in the production and manufacture of high-performance brake systems for motorbikes and bicycles, celebrates the 70th anniversary of its foundation this year.

Given its experience, leadership and commitment to innovation, Galfer is a benchmark in the sector, contributing to making the braking experience increasingly safer on two-wheeled vehicles as well as delivering high performance for world champion and amateur riders alike.

The brand has grown over time, not only because of its forward-looking vision and technological innovation in its sector, but also owing to the solid ethical and professional values that have enabled it, over seventy years, to become the global brand it is today.

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Galfer history

In November 1952 Maffio Milesi (father of Umberto, the current general manager) decided to open an industrial warehouse in Barcelona, dedicated to manufacturing the flexible brake linings that he had invented years before in Italy, to supply his main client: the FIAT group that built the SEAT factory in Spain.

This is where Galfer was born, manufacturing the pads for the disc brakes of the SEAT 124 in the 50s and 60s. In the motorcycle and bicycle sectors, the activity focused on the production of original equipment brake calipers and clutch discs for Mototrans (Ducati) and Motovespa, among others.

  • 1960s: During the first years of operation the brand continues to supply automotive products and also begins to supply the motorcycle brand Sanglas. It also starts manufacturing high-performance brake linings (Cobalt, HP6) and the first disc brake pads for the Seat 124.
  • 1970s: Galfer becomes a pioneer in eliminating asbestos from its products, replacing it with aramid fibre blends. The second generation of the Milesi family takes over the reins of the company, with a greater focus on the motorcycle and bicycle sectors.
  • 1980s: The company manufactures the first pads for motorcycle disc brakes for the Mototrans-Ducati brand. A catalogue of motorcycle brake pads is created, which includes 45 products and 2 different compounds (silver and gold). Galfer is the first company to distinguish the compounds of the pads by the colour of their brackets, a practice since adopted by the majority of brake brands in the world today.

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