12 World Titles in 2021 for GALFER Riders

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Source: GALFER announcement

BARCELONA — Once again, GALFER Moto riders had a fantastic season in 2021, winning 12 world championships, two European championships and 20 national titles in different disciplines, including MX, Enduro, Trial and Track.

Names such as Toni Bou, Brad Freeman, Laia Sanz and Emma Bristow were some of the stars of the sport during 2021 thanks to their performances and the world titles they won, all of which were achieved using GALFER brake components.

GALFER riders won a total of 34 titles in 2021 including 12 world championships – seven in Trials and five in Enduro – with motorbike brands such as Montesa-Honda, Beta, TM Racing, Fantic, Sherco, Gas Gas and Electric Motion.

The two European titles were won by Valerio Lata in Motocross (EMX125) and Máximo Martínez in Track (ETC), while the 20 national titles were won in Italy (11), Spain (5), France (2), Germany (1) and the United Kingdom (1).

Among the world title winners there were two standout performances by riders who managed the double: Toni Bou (Montesa-Honda) won the X-Trial + TrialGP and Brad Freeman (Beta) won the Enduro 3 + EnduroGP. Laia Sanz (Gas Gas) and Emma Bristow (Sherco) shared the women’s TrialGP and X-Trial world championships respectively and Matteo Pavoni (TM Racing) won the Enduro Junior world championship, while Albin Norrbin (Fantic d’Arpa) was victorious in the Enduro Youth category. There was even success in the Trial-E championship for electric motorbikes, with victory going to Gael Chatagno (Electric Motion).

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All the GALFER riders used various versions of “Disc Wave®” disc brakes (fixed, floating, grooved, oversize) and brake pads, in the specific compounds for each discipline (sintered G1396R for Enduro; semi-metallic G1805 or sintered G1395 for Trial).

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