For Use on Construction Sites: Robust ECO Disc TS2 Trailer Disc Brake from BPW

  • BPW’s ECO Disc TS2 withstands the toughest conditions on a construction site
  • New disc brake generation is even more robust, lighter, more durable and easier to maintain

Wiehl, 21.02.2019 — Whether it’s ready-mix concrete, sand or asphalt at 180 degrees Celsius, in the construction industry, trailers usually transport extreme payloads – the demands on braking performance are correspondingly high. With solutions from BPW, Europe’s largest trailer brake manufacturer, braking is always safe on the construction site: BPW engineers have already designed the first generation of their disc brakes to be so robust, cost- and maintenance-friendly that they can withstand even the toughest conditions. Now the next generation is in the starting blocks: The “ECO Disc TS2” follows on from the successful concept that has been tried and tested more than two million times.

The KTLZn coating of the brake calliper and the special disc alloy, to which the first generation owes its famous longevity, have remained unchanged. Furthermore, the discs can be changed without dismantling the brake calliper, saving both time and money in the garage. What is new is that BPW is now realising the same braking output and performance with significantly fewer components: The ECO Disc TS2 brakes with one tappet instead of two as before. The offset tappet design, for which a patent has been applied, ensures an optimum balance of forces and moments on the surface. The reinforced pad back plate also ensures even distribution of pressure between the pad and the disc. This ensures that the pads wear uniformly and so have a longer service life.

Following the motto “What is not there cannot break”, BPW has further reduced the number of components and interfaces: In a multifunctional adjuster (MFA), the most important functions have been integrated into a small number of innovative components. In addition, the reduction in components makes the brakes even lighter and more compact – in the case of a three-axle truck, a whole twelve kilograms of usable load is gained. If the vehicle is frequently “dirty” on the construction site, BPW can also supply disc covers and shaft covers on request, which protect the friction pairing against the ingress of dirt and thus increased wear.

“Whether disc or drum brake – BPW offers both technologies in-house. But the choice of the right brake system depends on the vehicle type and application,” says Bernhard Rossenbach, Head of Product Management at BPW. “The proportion of disc brakes in tippers in Europe is now 62 percent. With the new, even more robust generation of our trailer disc brake, we will continue to accelerate this trend”.

At Bauma trade show in Munich (8 to 14 April) BPW will be presenting the new generation of its ECO Disc TS2 disc brake in the open air area at stand FN.827/9.

Source: BPW

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