DFC Geospec Fully Coated Rotor Hits Market

California brake maker Dynamic Friction is introducing its newest rotor program. DFC Geospec rotors complement the company’s existing carbon alloy and premium rotor lines.

The full press release is below.

Dynamic Friction Company is proud to introduce the Geospec ® “fully” coated rotor program. The Geospec program is the only coated rotor program to offer:

  • A full range of applications. DFC Geospec is the industry’s most complete vehicle coverage for foreign, domestic passenger cars and light truck applications boasting approximately 1400+ SKU’s.
  • A fully coated brake rotor. All Geospec rotors are completely coated (inside and out) using high quality rust prevention coating.
  • A friendly bed-in process. Geospec coating is designed not to contaminate friction and rotor surfaces ensuring proper braking bed-in and wear characteristics.
  • A ready to install part. Geospec rotors offer complete protection from the elements before and after installation and require no cleaning prior to installation.
  • A competitively priced high quality product. Geospec rotors are engineered and manufactured with premium G3000 Castings duplicating precise Original Equipment vane configurations and fitment.

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Ben Nussbaum
Ben Nussbaum

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