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Dynamic Friction Company Announces Its First “No Core” Outright Caliper Program

Southern California based brake parts supplier, Dynamic Friction Company, announced August 14, 2018, the unveiling of Its first complete “outright” caliper program.  The DFC caliper program boasts a full coverage for foreign and domestic passenger cars and light trucks with more than 2000 SKUs currently available.  Every caliper is fully zinc coated silver and furnished with brackets where required. 

DFC Dino Crescentini stated, “In keeping with our commitment to provide unrivaled product quality and value for our customers, we designed a caliper program that eliminates the burdensome task and associated costs of handling cores.  We listened to our customers’ needs and concerns and used them to create the most viably comprehensive caliper program currently on the market.  Not only did we take the sting out of the ever-present core costs, we provided a high quality, pretested, fully coated, and friction-ready component.  In those instances where the caliper came OE with a color other than silver, we provide the OE color coating.  Standard replacement caliper and rotor replacement are simply that…standard.  We’ve taken another first step by giving our customers the look and feel of a performance replacement coupled with affordability.  

As more vehicles come standard with custom open spoke wheels that expose unsightly rusty rotors and calipers, DFC’s coated program offers an affordable aesthetically pleasing solution without sacrificing quality.

 About Dynamic Friction Company

DFC is an award-winning brake components manufacturer and supplier headquartered in Southern California.  DFC offers a complete brake systems program for all passenger car, pickup, & medium duty trucks. DFC is recognized for its devotion to bringing its customers the latest and greatest in brake product available without the exorbitant costs. DFC boasts a full complement of dedicated in-house engineers and R&D staff who work vigorously to give our customers first-to-market advantage and assurances that modern technological complexities are fully addressed.

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