BMW M3 and M4 Brakes Detailed

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Source: In a recent post, Vlad Radu explained the braking system which comes with the new 2021 BMW M3 and M4 performance cars. Here are excerpts from the post.

BUCHAREST – As standard, both M cars will be delivered with a set of M Compound Brakes. To bring the front wheels to a halt, two six-piston fixed-calipers have been chosen. They come painted in the standard blue metallic coat, but customers can also opt for black or red.

These hi-tech calipers are fitted with specifically designed performance pads that hug a pair of 380-mm (15-in) two-piece drilled rotors. Unlike conventional rotors, these come with a cast-iron friction surface that is connected to the central aluminum hub. This construction method makes them lighter while also improving heat distribution and cooling.

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To further improve cooling, the carbon fiber ducts incorporated into the front bumper have been widened and optimized to direct the incoming headwind straight to the brakes.

At the rear, the same type of rotors with a diameter of 370 mm (14.5 in) are used. The floating single-piston calipers are smaller and feature an integrated parking brake function.

Also available on both models is the M carbon-ceramic package, which targets a more demanding type of customer. The pack comes with the same type of calipers painted in an exclusive gold coat. They are fitted onto high-performance carbon-ceramic two-piece drilled rotors with a diameter of 400 mm (15.7 inches) at the front and 380 mm (15 inches) on the rear axle.

Compared to the cast-iron rotors, they are much lighter and provide stronger braking force, better thermal stability, and increased wear resistance.

Both variants are part of the new BMW M3 and M4 integrated braking system, which houses braking force assistance, actuation, and control functions in the same compact module.

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This innovative system allows drivers to choose between Comfort and Sport settings to change the way the brakes feel and function. The first is suited for everyday driving and emphasizes comfort while the latter maximizes brake force, ensuring optimum performance on the track.

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