BMW M Sport Brakes Featured on New 4 Series

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MUNICH – BMW has unveiled its completely redesigned 4 Series Coupes which the German manufacturer says was developed with the “aim of redefining the essence of driving pleasure in the premium midsize segment.” In other words, the latest evolution of the “ultimate driving machine” as defined by BMW.

The broad range of two-door machines will be topped by the all-wheel drive M440i xDrive Coupé with a 374-horsepower, six-cylinder inline engine (legendary hallmark design of the brand), while other versions to be launched between this coming autumn and early next year will include models with both four-cylinder gasoline and diesel power as well as six-cylinder diesel power.

All versions will benefit from a myriad of extensive changes from the previous generation of 4 Series Coupes and will be available with the unique M Sport brake system which The BRAKE Report will examine (additional posts on other features of the new BMW, including ADAS, will be published in the future).

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M Sport brake system

A visual distinguishing trait sets the M Sport brake system apart from lesser ones: blue or red-painted calipers with the ///M logo on their outer surface.

The system is standard on the top-of-the-range M440i xDrive and M440d xDrive and is offered as optional equipment on the other variants.

What sets the M Sport brake system apart is the innovative lightweight construction, consisting of cast iron friction rings combined with an aluminum brake disc chamber. This technology ensures braking excellence as well as a reduced weight.

The system employs a four-piston fixed configuration for the front wheel calipers and single-piston floating configuration for the rear wheel calipers.

The M Sport brake system is designed to ensure optimal thermal resistance. In the cockpit, the high-performance braking system is clearly noticeable by the distinct pressure points on the pedal and the short pedal travel.

The M Sport brakes work in complete harmony with a host of stabilizer systems and solutions such as the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) and the newly integrated Start Off Assistant.

Performance Control, standard on the new 4 Series Coupe, further optimizes the vehicle’s directional stability during high braking phases, specifically when the two rear-axle wheels are running on surfaces with different coefficients of friction.

This is done with the help of a slight corrective impulse sent via the steering wheel, as to return the car to the normal straight path.

The M Sport brake system is also enhanced to support the functioning of the electromechanical parking brake system, which is integrated into the technology of the rear-wheel calipers and is complemented by the DSC.

For additional information on the new BMW 4 Series Coupes, click HERE.

Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

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