App Authenticates Brembo UPGRADE Products

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Stezzano, Italy – In addition to the new approach to aftermarket performance brake components and the new products within its three families, the new Brembo UPGRADE program introduced last week brings a unique smartphone app which will allow confirmation that one of these new products is the genuine article.

The counterfeiting of Brembo brake components, as with many products made by the most iconic brands, is becoming increasingly widespread. In this case, it is even more critical as it is related to the performance of active safety systems which are vital to the safety of drivers, passengers and other road users.

Brembo has developed an app called Brembo Check to help identify its highly designed and engineered brake parts as being authentic Brembo.

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Once Brembo Check is installed on an Apple or Android mobile device, simply scanning the QR code on the packaging’s label and the product will indicated if the Brembo product is original or not.

To prevent tampering, the label is made using a printing and application procedure which prevents it from being removed. If it has been tampered or someone attempted to remove it the QR Code will be unusable. This assures the label cannot be removed and cannot be affixed to any other products other than the original one.

The QR code can also be registered only once as a further guarantee of originality to the buyer, who should not accept certificates of authenticity printed by dealers or third parties. The buyer plays an active part in checking the product using the Brembo Check app, which will send the certificate of authenticity directly to the e-mail address entered when registering if the product is original.

If a buyer discovers that the product QR Code has already been registered, they must contact their local Brembo dealer as soon as possible. The dealer will immediately act to resolve any doubts regarding the product’s authenticity.

To protect its customers from fraud, Brembo introduced an anti-counterfeit system five years ago. All the performance aftermarket components have been assigned a special anti-counterfeit card kept in a sealed box. Customers have to scratch off the silver strip on the card to display a unique sixfigure number which, when entered into the site, certifies that the product is original.

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The Brembo Check app combined with the QR Code is another step in the fight against counterfeiting and will gradually replace the card. At this time both the new Brembo Check app and the anti-counterfeit card can be used to check that products are genuine.

QR Codes are not applied to racing products, pads (except for the SPORT pads) and Serie Oro motorcycle items.

Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

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