WABCO Sets its Sights on Pioneering Development of its Autonomous Driving Open Platform Technology or ADOPT, with Qualified Technology Partners

BRUSSELS, Belgium, September 18, 2018WABCO Holdings Inc. (NYSE: WBC), the leading global supplier of braking control systems and other advanced technologies that improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles, today announced that it is working with qualified technology partners to build an autonomous driving platform, including applications that will connect to and be interoperable with WABCO’s industry-leading braking, steering, stability control, driveline and suspension control systems. ADOPT™, Autonomous Driving Open Platform Technology from WABCO, will be piloted in China, where numerous technology startups are already working to develop applications that will help advance autonomous driving. ADOPT will allow them to more easily connect into the distinctive requirements of the commercial vehicle world.

Over the past months, WABCO has been collaborating closely with a number of autonomous driving technology partners. The first batch of WABCO’s qualified partners for ADOPT includes TUS Cloud Control, a Chinese autonomous driving cloud infrastructure company that has been actively implementing China’s strategy for intelligent connected vehicles. WABCO and TUS Cloud Control intend to jointly define the cloud interface for retrieving the vehicle data from WABCO’s advanced systems, in order to better serve the needs of smart transportation.

“Making full use of WABCO’s core competitiveness in commercial vehicles braking, steering, suspension and transmission areas, our cooperation will set an industry model for more collaborative decision-making in this era of intelligent networks,” said Mr. Jiawen Li, General Manager of TUS Cloud Control. “It will also lead the commercialization of the intelligent connected vehicle of the future,” he added.

Two other qualified partners dedicated to the industrialization of autonomous driving are emerging Chinese technology companies, TrunkTech and TuSimple. WABCO will co-innovate with them to develop the autonomous driving schemes for various scenarios in controlled operating environments – such as harbours, ports, airports, yards and mines – to better control vehicle dynamics and accelerate autonomous driving adoption for specific user cases. WABCO’s expertise in vehicle dynamic controls, combined with the core AI algorithms that these companies offer, will help lay the building blocks to advance autonomous driving capabilities for the commercial vehicle industry.

This pioneering initiative from WABCO, to develop an open autonomous driving platform engineered around its core industry-leading braking, steering and vehicle dynamic systems, aligns squarely with its promise to mobilize vehicle intelligence. Also, WABCO’s customers will have an opportunity to participate in ADOPT as partners and co-developers, to design and build specific user applications to help advance and differentiate their own autonomous driving capabilities.

As a more efficient and flexible model to enable collaborative partnerships for the design and development of the autonomous driving ecosystem repository, ADOPT will also help partners catalyze their own product development cycles, support differentiation and help optimize their R&D investments. Data gathered from ADOPT can be examined with advanced analytics capabilities in order to help facilitate better decision-making and further optimize braking and steering performance.

“WABCO is building the open ADOPT platform around our best-in-class braking, steering and ADAS systems capabilities, since controlling vehicle dynamics is the most critical aspect of any driving situation to keep the vehicle stable and operating,” said Jacques Esculier, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of WABCO. “As the industry converges on autonomous driving, WABCO is well positioned to convene the most proficient autonomous driving and AI experts, supported by OEMs in China, to help establish a safer and more efficient transportation infrastructure,” said Esculier.

Today, WABCO is on the frontlines of technology to support OEMs to realize autonomous driving in China, likely making ADOPT-based applications more widely compatible with a broad range of commercial vehicle platforms in China.

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