VinFast to Launch Scalable AD Driving Systems with ZF

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Source: ZF announcement

LAS VEGAS – VinFast, the fast-growing flagship Vietnamese electric-vehicle manufacturer, will launch platforms with higher level automated functions in the near future utilizing ZF’s expertise in hardware, software and system integration.

“Our companies are an outstanding match as our goals for mobility are perfectly aligned,” said VinFast Global CEO Le Thi Thu Thuy. “The future is both electric and automated as we seek to help protect our environment while providing transportation that enhances safety, convenience and efficiency. We will work together to achieve this vision for VinFast customers as we expand our sales around the world.”

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ZF will be the key systems partner supplying multiple cameras, radars and LiDAR sensors and the intelligent fusion of the sensors to be networked within an advanced ZF central control unit. This will enable VinFast and ZF to deliver L2+ functions initially and work to develop higher level functions such as Traffic Jam Pilot, Highway Driving Chauffeur and Automated Valet Parking.

“We look forward to working with VinFast to bring higher levels of autonomy to their light passenger vehicles,” said ZF Board of Management Member Martin Fischer. “Elevating the capabilities of all forms of mobility is our goal. The design and development of higher-level AD systems will assist drivers all over the world in enjoying enhanced degrees of safety, convenience and intelligence. This is our vision when we talk about The Next Generation of Mobility and one proof point of how we are making this a reality, now.”

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Jointly developed among ZF global engineering, including China, Germany and North America, VinFast automated driving systems and [2+ functions are anticipated to launch from the middle of 2022 with a phased approach that will utilize increasingly sophisticated sensor sets and central controllers to enable higher automated functionality for urban, highway and parking scenarios for [3. This includes ZF’s Automated Valet Parking solution that is among the first systems intended to rely on the vehicle sensor set to operate rather than pre-mapped and instrumented parking structures.

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