Value Parts Coming Soon from Haldex

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Source: Haldex announcement

LANDSKRONA, Sweden — A new source of replacement parts that offer good value for money and fit all makes of commercial vehicle air brakes and suspensions is coming from the Haldex group.

Most parts will be offered under the Grau brand. That name references the company Midland Grau, a British-German manufacturer which Haldex acquired in the late 1990s. These new value ranges will be offered alongside the Haldex group’s original equipment-quality premium parts.

While the latter may usually be specified for commercial vehicles under warranty, it may be a different story when operators take on the expense of ongoing maintenance. Modern vehicles and trailers can run and run, so in those circumstances a part at the right price is what fits the bill.

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The independent aftermarket has a new option to source these parts. Over the next few years, Haldex will be building up its ranges of value parts and accessories, in so doing offering everything that a distributor might need for trailer and tractor braking and suspension spares; it will be a one-stop shop.

The initial products are brake pads and an automatic slack adjuster, to be followed by foundation brake actuators. Further products include compressors, pneumatic tube, disc brake rotors, electrical coils, ABS sensors and a variety of air brake and air suspension valves and reservoirs.

First, nearly 30 new lines of all-makes disc brake pad replacement kits, which include pads, springs and plugs, will launch later this year. (See also Haldex brake pads article). Second, arriving later in the year is a 70-part range of Grau actuators, including double-diaphragm spring brakes, service chambers and piston-actuated spring brakes.

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Variants included are application-specific; there are different holding forces on both spring and chamber side. The parts also differ in the orientation of the studs to the chassis housing, or in push rod length.

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