ModulT Disc Brake Pad Kits Renumbered by Haldex

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Source: Haldex announcement

LANDSKRONA, Sweden — Haldex has begun further adapting its existing brake pad range, for the ModulT to better match aftermarket requirements. Haldex provides what customers really need: a competitive price, without having to pay for parts they do not need.

This primarily concerns the widely used brake pad kit 95396 for 22.5” applications of the SAF axle. Due to the introduction of the second generation ModulT disc brake, this step is necessary for SAF axles application and serves to minimize errors during maintenance and replacement of the disc brake pad.

“We will align our offering for the IAM (independent aftermarket) to our OES set-up, to make it easier for the customer to select what is best for it,” explained Patrik Käll , senior commercial product manager.

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With these changes, Haldex is supplying greater part clarity to wholesalers, workshops, and fleets. In addition, Haldex is now introducing the brake pad Kit for the Kögel axle KTA, which is now available from our distribution center in Weyersheim.

New brake pad kit for ModulT GenI and ModulT GenII

Beginning this month, this new kit includes four brake pads and an accessory kit with springs, spring brackets and plugs.

However, it does not include brake pad retainers, which are specific to either GenI or GenII ModulT brakes.

The new kit fits a wider range, so workshops need only order a single part to replace pads for most Haldex ModulT disc brakes in their fleet. (Haldex-made brakes are also sold under several other axle brand names). The new offering also helps distributors and large workshops simplify their stockholdings and provide better throughput. It also reduces the chances of the wrong pad retainer being installed on the brake.

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The new kits are being sold alongside Haldex’s existing range of premium disc brake pad kits available from OEMs and the independent aftermarket. They not only include the pads, but also related accessory kit.

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