TRW Brake Fluid to be Launched at AAPEX

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Source: ZF Aftermarket

FRIEDRICHSHAFE, Germany — With more than 40 years of experience manufacturing brake pads for the aftermarket, ZF Aftermarket will announce a new addition to its friction portfolio at the upcoming AAPEX show: TRW Brake Fluid.

Under the TRW brand, ZF Aftermarket will feature and formally launch brake fluid with Dot 3, Dot 4, and Dot 5.1 formulations. TRW Brake Fluid is available in 3 sizes: 12 oz., quarts and gallons.

TRW Brake Fluids provide a long-lasting life and optimum braking performance with its blend of advanced lubricants, stabilizers, antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors. This carefully concocted mix helps minimize wear, maximize performance, and ensures brakes work in all temperatures. The formulation helps prevent water contamination and debris corrosion in master cylinder rubber parts.

Dot 3 Brake Fluid is designed for vehicles with drum brakes front and rear as well as hydraulic clutch systems.

Dot 4 Brake Fluid is crafted for vehicles with disc brakes on the front and drum brakes on the rear. Dot 4 is best suited to vehicles with disc brakes all around. This brake fluid is the supreme choice for anyone who needs to cater for a wide selection of vehicles.

Dot 5.1 Brake Fluid is ideal for heavy, high-performance vehicles, providing an extra level of safety when coping with ambient temperatures ranging from -58oF up to +122oF. With such an extreme temperature range, this guarantees the brakes will perform their best in all conditions.

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Quality Expertise

TRW, a brand of ZF Aftermarket, is a leader in automotive technology and known for its high-quality original-equipment standards and safety components. The brand aims to exceed expectations in all that it does, which is why it carries out thorough tests and examinations of its brake fluids. Safety critical testing areas include wet and dry boiling points and viscosity, which helps TRW to surpass the requirements of the international DOT SAE 1703 specifications.

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