StradVision to Show AV Tech at Automotive Tech Week 2021

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Source: StradVision announcement

NOVI, Mich. — StradVision, a leader in computer vision technology for Autonomous Vehicles (AV) and ADAS, is demonstrating its latest technologies on-site Nov. 16-17 at Automotive Tech Week 2021, which will be held In Novi, Mich.

The weeklong Automotive Tech Week 2021 explores the latest technology trends being embraced by leading players in the automotive world – including electrification and autonomy. New technologies for ADAS that StradVision will unveil and demonstrate at the event are:

  • Depth-map Solution: The latest feature implementing innovative Pseudo LiDAR technology, which replaces high-cost and high-performance LiDAR equipment. Offering the high precision of distance measurement to an object with only a mono-channel camera
  • Semantic Segmentation: A technology that classifies objects by analyzing the images acquired through the vehicle’s camera on a pixel-by-pixel basis through deep learning technology
  • Multi-camera 360-degree perception:  This technology uses up to nine cameras, which is critical to implement autonomous driving features of L3 or above, such as Automated Valet Parking (AVP), and Enhanced Autopilot

“I look forward to our time at Automotive Tech Week 2021 and showcasing the innovative technologies StradVision is unveiling at the event,” Sunny Lee, StradVision’s Chief Operating Officer who is leading StradVision’s team at the event said. “As we continue to ramp up our presence in Michigan, the heart of U.S. auto industry, events like this let us get our product in front of key industry leaders who are on board with our mission of using technology to achieve the safest possible experiences with ADAS systems and autonomous driving.”

StradVision’s SVNet is a lightweight software that allows vehicles to detect and identify objects accurately, such as other vehicles, lanes, pedestrians, animals, free space, traffic signs, and lights, even in harsh weather conditions or poor lighting.

SVNet’s software relies on deep learning-based perception algorithms, which compared with its competitors is more compact and requires dramatically less memory and electricity to run. SVNet supports more than 14 hardware platforms and can also be customized and optimized for any other hardware system thanks to StradVision’s patented and cutting-edge Deep Neural Network-enabled technology.

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SVNet is currently used in mass production models of ADAS and autonomous driving vehicles that support driving automation levels 2 to 4 and is being deployed in over 50 vehicle models from 13 OEMs worldwide. To view the entire announcement, click HERE

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