Shamokin Carbons Sets up Mexican Operation

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Source: Shamokin Carbons announcement

HERMOSILLO, Mexico — Shamokin Carbons, a United States -based carbon company has partnered with a Mexican carbon company, Amco Minerals, to form a new entity – Alliance Graphite Victory (AGV). Under this new entity, using the AGV trade name, they will jointly own and operate a new production facility.

AGV’s new plant has been under construction since September 2019 and is expected to commence operations in May of this year.   The plant is a precision grinding, sizing and packaging facility dedicated to processing amorphous graphite sourced from Grafitos Mexicanos, the largest graphite mining company in Mexico. 

This expansion into Mexico is due to increased customer demand for precision sized amorphous graphite.

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Don Rosini, Shamokin’s President commented, “I’m pleased to announce our expansion into Mexico and the expansion of our amorphous graphite processing capabilities.  This new facility was driven by the increased demand we are seeing for precision sized amorphous products.  It demonstrates our commitment to meeting our current customer’s needs and our ability to serve new customers.  The annual production capacity of our new plant is in excess of 30,000 metric tons per year.”

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Shamokin Carbons is a leading supplier of carbon additives to companies around the world in a wide range of industries including aerospace, friction, glass manufacturing, lubricants, oil and gas drilling, refractory coatings, and steel recycling.

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