Safe Braking: Continental and Clariant’s 75-Year Partnership

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Continental and Clariant celebrate 75 years of partnership in brake technology, focusing on safety advancements and next-generation brake fluids. Their collaboration has driven innovation in vehicle braking systems, ensuring maximum safety and performance.

Key Highlights:

  • 75-year collaboration between Continental and Clariant.
  • Focus on innovation in brake safety and performance.
  • Development of next-gen brake fluids for modern vehicle systems.
  • Emphasis on safety and sustainability in braking technology.

“In our close collaboration with Clariant spanning over seven decades we celebrate a shared history of industry innovation,” said Mariya Eneva, Continental’s Global Category Manager Aftermarket. “The cooperation between both technology departments has allowed us to improve the capabilities of braking systems to achieve maximum safety.”

Innovations in Braking Systems

Braking systems are a critical safety component in any vehicle. Continental, a global leader in brake systems, continually pushes the boundaries of performance. A key element in modern braking systems is the brake fluid, an area where Clariant’s expertise in specialty chemicals plays a vital role.

Brake fluid must be constantly adapted to new systems to ensure the functionality of advanced technologies like electronic stability control (ESP), anti-lock braking systems (ABS), emergency brake systems, and hill-start assistance. Clariant’s leadership in this domain ensures that these fluids meet the highest standards of safety and performance.

Advanced Brake Fluids

The newly developed brake fluids offer safe handling and filling for both professional and home use. Features like low viscosity make these fluids ideal for modern driver assistance systems such as ESP and ABS. Additionally, they can be provided as a carbon-neutral, mass-balanced version to contribute to environmental sustainability.

“Thanks to our partnership with Continental we have brought to the market safer chemistry in brake fluids that achieve state-of-the-art performance. Teamwork with Continental has been essential for developing our high-performance brake fluids,” said Clariant’s Dennis Mistreanu, Head of Industrial Applications EMEA.

Future Prospects

Continental and Clariant will continue to build on their longstanding relationship to advance brake solutions that contribute to human safety, health, and sustainability. They look forward to addressing future challenges and evolving their technologies to meet new demands.

About Clariant

Clariant creates added value by understanding the needs of customers, employees, shareholders, and the environment. The company delivers competitive and innovative solutions while adhering to sustainable practices.

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