Randon Discovers New Means to Produce Niobium Nanoparticles

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Source: Randon announcement

FARROUPILHA, Brazil —Randon Companies, particularly Fras-le and the Randon Technology Center – CTR, have taken another step into the future with the discovery of a new method for obtaining niobium nanoparticles on a large scale.

This innovation is unprecedented in the world market and comes with the purpose of generating new opportunities for different sectors of the manufacturing industry.

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CTR – Randon Technology Center – ISO 4500:2018.Certification

From a scientific study conducted by the Randon Technological Center – CTR and the Hercílio Randon Institute – IHR, the process of obtaining the nanoparticle was proven as possible. The solution enhances the characteristics of other materials, conferring greater durability, mechanical strength and significantly altering their physical-chemical properties.

In addition, it uses environmentally friendly methods, contributing to a sustainable process.

“After the completion of intense technical studies and experiments, the applicability of this innovation is now known by the market,” explained Sérgio L. Carvalho, executive vice president and COO of Randon Companies and CEO of Fras-le. “It is a national technology, with a patent requested by Fras-le and with potential for application on a global scale.”

To expand research and expand the applications of this new technology, a new unit will be set up by Randon Companies, with structure, teams and proprietary resources. Initially, the application is planned to be used in the automotive industry but can also be extended to other industrial segments. 

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“We are proud and pleased with the work conducted in an unprecedented way by our teams,” said Daniel Randon, CEO of Randon Companies. “This innovation proves the importance of continue investing in research and development, a move we are doing strategically in Randon Companies. In addition, the solution is aligned with our focus on ESG and our concern to conduct business in a sustainable way.

“We are celebrating a new phase for the national and international industry,”

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