PRI Launch for Brembo Late Model Brake System

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Source: Brembo announcement

INDIANAPOLIS — Brembo, the world leader and acknowledged innovator of brake technology, introduced an all-new brake system for Late Model racers at the PRI Show in Indianapolis.

Over 45 years of racing experience in one system, the Brembo Late Model system is engineered specifically for competition and includes calipers, discs, brackets, and hardware at an accessible price for the pro or weekend Late Model racer.


The Brembo forged aluminum asymmetrical designed calipers are radial mounted offering a robust stopping solution for the rigors of dirt and asphalt racing. The all-new Brembo Late Model calipers with their stiff design and radial mounting system contribute to improved driver pedal feel. The internal fluid passages offer a smooth external design that are not affected by dirt, rocks and other track debris that can gather in calipers with external fluid lines. In addition, the design of the pad carriers and pistons contribute to low drag, retracting pads from discs for when not under braking.


The rotors use premium materials and are cast at Brembo’s own foundry. The rotors, multiple sizes available, are designed for extended wear life, greater thermal capacity and are machined balanced to Brembo’s exacting standards.


Clamping onto the rotors are Brembo brake pads with the latest in stopping compounds. The pad is designed to work in concert with the low drag Brembo Late Model caliper. Different brake pad compounds are available to suit driver and track preferences.

Brake Fluid

Driving the system is Brembo’s HTC64T brake fluid formulated for low compressibility which lends to improved pedal feel while offering a high boiling point for optimal performance throughout the race season.

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 “The Brembo Late Model brake system is designed specifically for competitors looking for that next level in stopping performance,” said Dan Sandberg, Brembo North America president and CEO. “The demands of Late Model racing drove the design of the system and will offer racers on dirt or on pavement a higher level of stopping power, pedal feel, reliability, and serviceability. Competitors will get Brembo performance with a price point that is in line with the spirit of Late Model competition.”

Brembo Late Model System includes:

·     Brembo aluminum Late Model calipers
·     Cast-iron, balanced rotors
·     Brake pads, several compounds available based on driver’s preference
·     Mounting hardware

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