Polaris Chooses Brembo for Slingshot R

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Source: Brembo announcement

DETROIT — Brembo, a world leader and acknowledged innovator of brake technology, is the brake supplier of choice for the 2022 Polaris Slingshot R.

The new Slingshot R brake system includes Brembo designed four piston all-aluminum brake calipers gripping 339 mm vented cast iron brake discs. The calipers are lightweight, just 3.2 kg, with four 30 mm pistons pushing on Brembo low-met brake pads to provide supercar-like stopping power to the front corners of the Slingshot R model. The Brembo branded calipers are available in red and orange and provide an eye-catching performance look through the Slingshot R’s 18-inch aluminum wheels.

“The Polaris Slingshot R is a very distinct vehicle,” said Dan Sandberg, Brembo North America president and CEO. “Brembo was able to combine its experience as a solution provider and market leader for motorcycle performance brakes with our extensive supercar and motorsports history, supplying the perfect mix of performance stopping power and street comfort for the brake package on the R model.

“The Polaris system is an ideal lightweight design that provides excellent braking to the front wheels. Combine the great-looking aluminum calipers, with our disc and low-met pads, and the R’s brake system will provide impressive performance while cruising in town or putting the R to the test on a closed course.”

The aluminum fixed calipers together with Brembo’s low-met brake pads provide reduced unsprung weight on the front corners of the Slingshot R while delivering a quiet and confident brake pedal feel to the driver.

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Slingshot R Brembo Brake Specifications:

  • Brembo two-piece all-aluminum four-piston caliper (M4.40)
  • Low-met brake pads, pad area of 44 cm2 designed for performance and iiiiiiiicomfort
  • Brembo 339 x 26 mm vented cast iron disc (41 mm bigger than previous iiiiiiiidesign)
  • Stainless steel pins and springs; Available in Red and Orange

The Polaris Slingshot R will be available in Polaris dealer showrooms in the spring of 2022.

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