Optimize Braking Performance with FUCHS Specialty Lubrication Solutions

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Today’s OEMs are tasked with designing safer brake systems with improved stopping power. Greater accuracy and responsiveness can only be achieved through the careful selection of lubricants. Calipers, electric brake boosters, electric parking brakes, disc brakes, drum brakes, slack adjusters, and brake-by-wire components all require specialty lubrication solutions to maximize performance without sacrificing durability. Specialty lubrication solutions from FUCHS help to reduce friction, noise, and brake temperatures, thus improving reliability, component life, and precision. 

Developed in close collaboration with OEMs, FUCHS offers lubrication solutions for all parts of the braking system. As a trusted partner, FUCHS works with customers to help select the best solution for their design. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting a lubricant for braking components:

Wide Temperature Performance 

The move to electrically actuated braking systems presents additional challenges.  At elevated temperatures, lubricants without the proper thermal stability will burn or oxidize, adding debris to the braking components which accelerates wear and creates additional noise, vibration, and harshness. High temperature requirements now need to be balanced with cold temperature performance requirements, like low voltage draw and application speed. At low temperatures, the wrong lubricant can thicken and slow down the operation of the mechanism. FUCHS offers lubrication solutions that provide excellent performance over a wide temperature range.

Ageing Resistance 

The longevity of all vehicle components is crucial to extending the life of today’s vehicles. Lubricants help protect against common causes of component failure including corrosion and wear. Specialty lubricants are formulated to last longer than general purpose lubricants and resist aging. This helps prolong the life of braking components while also extending the time between service intervals.

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Water Resistance 

Moisture can accelerate corrosion within braking systems and negatively impact the reliability of electrical braking components. Hydrophobic lubricants repel moisture from the component surface. It is important to select a lubricant with excellent water resistance to ensure it stays in place without washing away.

Compatibility with Brake Materials 

Advancements in braking technology often utilize novel new materials whose compatibility must be taken into account when selecting a lubricant. Silicone, PFPE, or polyglycol lubricants are often recommended as they are compatible with most plastic and EPDMs. With so many different chemical variations in plastic, it is always recommended that you test a grease for material compatibility. FUCHS offers greases developed to meet the compatibility and performance requirements for specific brake applications. 

Load Performance

High loads greatly increase friction in braking designs which in turn can generate excessive heat and accelerate wear. Lubricants from FUCHS are fortified with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives to support heavily loaded systems. 

FUCHS Lubricants for Braking Systems

FUCHS has lubrication solutions that check all the boxes. With more than 90 years of experience, global key account managers, a worldwide R&D network, and local support services, FUCHS is the lubrication supplier determined to exceed your expectations. 

Optimize your braking performance with FUCHS

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