FUCHS Lubricants: Driving Innovation in Braking Technology

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It’s an exciting and challenging time to work in the braking industry. The development of new technologies and advanced materials as well as stringent regulatory requirements and sustainability targets add a new level of complexity not only to OEMs, but also their suppliers. Increasingly, suppliers are being asked to provide durable, reliable solutions that are compatible with a range of materials. It is important to work with lubrication suppliers that stay ahead of the latest braking trends and will work with you to develop solutions that fulfill your needs. Additionally, in today’s global economy it is ideal to work with suppliers with a comprehensive, globally available portfolio to mitigate risk in your supply chain. With more than 90 years of experience, global key account managers, a worldwide R&D network, and local support services, FUCHS is the lubrication supplier determined to exceed your expectations. 

All Your Lubrication Needs Covered

FUCHS lubricants for braking applications can withstand a wide temperature range and are compatible with all materials within mechanical and electric braking systems. FUCHS’ specialty lubricants for brake components last longer than general purpose lubricants which extends the time between service intervals. FUCHS offers lubricants for a variety of braking applications including:

  • Brake Booster
  • Brake Caliper
  • Electric parking brake
  • Disc brake
  • Drum brake
  • Brake by wire

Whether it’s lubricants for braking, engines, transmissions, steering, and hydraulics or specialty greases, FUCHS is the lubrication partner that covers all your needs. 

Always Ahead with Leading Solutions

Innovation driven by experience – at FUCHS, you benefit from global and local R&D testing capabilities. You have access to FUCHS’ worldwide know-how network providing outstanding analytical skills and virtual development capabilities. You also have permanent access to FUCHS’ comprehensive product portfolio with global and local application references and approvals from both automotive manufacturers and suppliers. All this underlines FUCHS’ ambition to be the technology leader in lubrication solutions for the automotive industry.

Globally Available Portfolio

Customers benefit from FUCHS’ vast technical knowledge as the experts in global key account management, R&D, product management, and engineering. Through uniform global standards, FUCHS products and solutions are available worldwide. With FUCHS’ global supply chain, they support you in two dimensions: business contingency plans through production redundancies and FUCHS’ ability to handle complex logistics with customer proximity. FUCHS provides you globally OEM-approved core products, with full registration according to regional chemical inventories.

Moving Mobility Together

FUCHS is the number one lubrication partner for e-mobility applications. FUCHS has globally available engineering and technology experts that can collaborate closely with you – no matter your location worldwide. As reliable problem solvers and development partners, FUCHS tackles complex problems and supports you with a hands-on approach. An approach that is driven by FUCHS’ experienced global key account management, offering you “a single face to the customer. ” Transparent communication and practical support – that’s how FUCHS works with customers.

Visit the FUCHS website here to learn more.

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