NRS Brakes Introduces Professional Grade GeoMet Coated Rotor Brake Kit

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NRS Brakes announces the launch of the Professional Grade GeoMet Coated Rotor Brake kit, setting a new standard in rust-free braking solutions.

This kit features GeoMet coated rotors with high carbon content for enhanced strength and heat transfer. Paired with galvanized brake pads, The Rubber (noise-canceling piston inserts), electronic wear sensor, and brake caliper hardware, it offers everything in one box.

Tested for durability and corrosion resistance, the kit promises smoother braking, reduced noise, vibration, and a sleek appearance ideal for open-wheel vehicles. Engineered to exceed OE standards, it ensures a perfect fit and superior performance. 

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About NRS Brakes

NRS Brakes offers the best brake pads in the USA and Canada. The NRS Brake Pad is an innovative, patented design with a steel backing plate and coated surface. With over 30 years of experience, NRS is able to provide brake pads that outperform all other brands on the market.

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