NODAR Adds Key Automotive Leaders to Team

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Source: NODAR announcement

SOMERVILLE, Mass. — NODAR, the leading provider of camera-based 3D vision technology, announced today that the company added several automotive industry leaders to their team including Roger Nielsen, former President and CEO of Daimler Trucks North America, who will be joining the Board of Directors.

The company also added Kurt Lehmann, former CTO of Continental AG, Klaus Kompass, former VP Safety at BMW, and Tom Pilutti, former Technical Leader and Manager of Research & Advanced ADAS at Ford Motor Company to the Advisory Board.

“At Daimler, I saw firsthand the positive life-saving effect automated driving systems can have. In tests, we saw a 95 percent reduction in rear-end collisions with the addition of L2 technology in trucks. The groundbreaking work that NODAR is doing has the potential to affect the entire industry for the better,” said Nielson.

NODAR is a crucial component in the development of ADAS and autonomous vehicles, bringing safety and advanced performance at a competitive price-point to the mainstream vehicle market.

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Between 2025 and 2030 a projected 250 million L2 , L2+, and L3 vehicles are slated for production worldwide. NODAR aims to become the dominant vision system for ADAS with its 3D vision platform, called Hammerhead™. Hammerhead delivers reliable, ultra-precise, real-time 3D sensing using automotive-grade cameras and industry-standard compute platforms.

“We are excited to bring the individual and collective expertise of some of the brightest minds in the business to NODAR. Together, we will bring a new generation of 3D vision technology to the market that will help eradicate fatalities on the road,” said Leaf Jiang, Founder and CEO of NODAR.

NODAR’s patent-pending solution leverages advances in compute, CMOS technology, computer vision, and AI to accurately produce depth maps out to 1,000 meters. Multiple cameras with overlapping views are mounted independently on the vehicle. NODAR’s unique auto-calibration software enables the cameras to be placed far apart, enabling long-range sensing and exquisite accuracy.

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“NODAR is an exciting and transformative technology which will boost the performance, cost, and, therefore, the accessibility of the future automated driving vehicles. This places NODAR in an exciting position to really impact the auto industry’s self-driving vehicle programs,” said Lehmann. “After spending so many years (35) directly in the global auto industry it is great to be a part of game changing technology and working with the group of exciting entrepreneurs and engineers who see safety technology as the DNA of NODAR.”


NODAR is the leading provider of camera-based 3D vision software technology and is a crucial component in the development of ADAS and autonomous vehicles bringing safety, advanced performance, and cost-effectiveness to the automotive market. NODAR was founded in 2018 and secured funding from Rhapsody Venture Partners, Plug and Play Tech Center, and Cherrystone Angel Group. The company is based in Somerville, Mass.

Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

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