Next Gen to Debut with AP Racing Brakes

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Source: AP Racing announcement

AP Racing, the world-renowned brake supplier, is counting down to making its debut as sole brake system supplier for NASCAR’s Next Gen race car. 

The eagerly anticipated Next Gen car is one of the biggest changes to the series in decades and AP Racing is proud to be playing a key part in the engineering. Having performed exceptionally in testing, the brake system will make its debut at a pre-season exhibition race at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on 6 February. 

UK business AP Racing is globally recognized as the brake supplier of choice for one-make racing series, thanks to its unrivaled engineering expertise and ability to guarantee parts supply. AP Racing has a long history of being a major supplier into NASCAR’s top racing divisions since 1987, equipping 13 Championship-winning cars in the Cup Series alone. 

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For the Next Gen car, the company has utilized its patented Radi-CAL caliper design philosophy, combined with its advanced forged aluminum process, to deliver durable, high-performance 6 and 4 piston monobloc brake calipers.

AP Racing has also introduced a new direct-drive brake rotor configuration into the series, ensuring the highest levels of performance and durability. This allows teams to use the same rotors for multiple events.

In addition, the company has been able to supply a brake system that uses the same front and rear calipers for all tracks, with only two rotor options for heavy and light duty brake scenarios – thus further reducing costs for teams while maintaining outstanding braking performance.

The actuation side of the brake system is controlled by the new AP Racing pedal box, which incorporates both forged and billet components. It also benefits from using the latest pull-type AP Racing master cylinders, all of which combine to provide control and modulation to the powerful new brake system.

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Richard Gregory, Head of Sales at AP Racing, commented: “We’re hugely excited for the debut of the Next Gen car this month. I’m immensely proud to say we are now the sole brake system supplier and its testament to our unrivaled expertise in serving one-make racing series that puts us in pole position. Not only do we have the technology, but we are able to guarantee the level of supply required thanks to the dedication of our project team and working tirelessly with our exclusive US distribution partner, Essex Parts Services, to ensure continuity of supply.” 

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