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Source: Brembo announcement

DETROIT– Brembo has created customizable braking systems for all 24 riders taking part in the forthcoming 21st MotoGP Championship. This follows a winning streak where Brembo brakes were used on bikes that won 33 World Rider Championships, 34 World Constructor Championships and triumphed in more than 500 GPs with leading teams.

This season, the 12 teams have decided once again to rely on the high performance, reliability and safety delivered by Brembo parts. These include brake calipers, carbon discs, brake master cylinders, clutch pumps and pads.

For the 2022 season, Brembo has developed technical solutions that allow each rider to customize the braking system to best suit their individual riding style, the track and their race strategy.

GP4 caliper

The majority of riders continue to opt for Brembo’s GP4 caliper, launched in 2020. This new monobloc aluminum caliper is machined from a solid piece of aluminum and features a radial attachment and four pistons. Since its launch, it has become the caliper of choice for most MotoGP riders, although some still prefer to use the 2019 version.

The GP4 design includes external fins as well as other innovative features, which combine to create a caliper with an anti-drag system designed to increase torque during braking.

It works by generating a force which supplements that created by the hydraulic pressure of the brake fluid on the pistons. This means the rider gets greater benefit from applying the same pressure to the brake lever.

Meanwhile, a spring device on the anti-drag system reduces the residual torque and stops the pads and discs coming into contact with each other, which result in the bike slowing down.

Twelve carbon brake disc options

Brembo offers a choice of 12 brake discs, six different diameters with each available in High Mass or Standard Mass material specifications.

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The majority of riders are expected to choose 340 mm diameter discs, split between High and Standard Mass. However, some teams will continue to use both types of 320 mm diameter disc.

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