MotoGP Brakes for 2021 is a Brembo Story

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CURNO, Italy – As Brembo prepares for the 2021 MotoGP motorcycle racing championship, the Italian brake-system company outlined its plans for the upcoming season which will feature every team using its products. The details are explained in the following post from Brembo’s website:

Thanks to the experience accumulated in 43 championships in the premier class (MotoGP and 500) during which the bikes with Brembo brakes have won 32 World Rider Championships, 33 World Constructors’ Championships and triumphed in over 500 GPs with the main protagonist teams, Brembo has created customized braking systems for each of the 22 riders who will participate in the 20th MotoGP championship, the class introduced in 2002 to replace the 500 class.

All 11 teams have decided again to choose the high performance, reliability and safety guaranteed by Brembo components that includes: brake calipers, carbon discs and pads, brake master cylinders and friction master cylinders.

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For the 2021 season, a wide range of technical solutions will allow Brembo to guarantee each one of them the possibility to customize the braking system based on driving style, track features and race strategy, best combining the characteristics of the braking system components.

 GP4 caliper

Introduced at the beginning of 2020 MotoGP championship, the GP4 is a new monobloc aluminum caliper machined from a solid piece of aluminum, with radial attachment and four pistons. It has become the reference caliper for most MotoGP riders, although some of them continue to prefer the use of the 2019 caliper for reasons of habit and different performance of the bike itself.

Ten solutions of carbon brake discs

The majority of riders should choose discs with a diameter of 340 mm, dividing between High Mass and Standard (low mass). Some teams instead, will continue to use Standard and High Mass discs with 320 mm diameter.

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Furthermore, for each format of brake disc and pad, two different carbon compounds are available differing for initial brake bite and resistance to high temperatures. Overall, riders have ten different options available when choosing brake discs: five disc geometries and each disc geometry has two material specifications (High Mass and Standard Mass). Among these five geometries there is also the novelty that Brembo will make available to the teams starting this season: it’s a ventilated carbon disc. The characteristic of this disc is precisely the ventilation which aims to increase the heat exchange and therefore improve the cooling of the disc itself. This is a solution designed specifically for circuits that are expected to be very severe for the braking system such as Spielberg, Motegi, Sepang or Buriram.

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