Lynk 05+ SUV to use Akebono Brakes

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Source: Akebono Brake Industry Co. announcement

TOKYO – Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd. announced that its products have been adopted by Lynk & Co, a premium automotive brand owned by Geely Auto Group headquartered in China, for one of its vehicles.

Akebono is supplying four-pot disc brake calipers and copper-free disc brake pads for the front wheels of the 05+ model, a high-performance SUV.

This is the first time Akebono products have been used by the Lynk & Co brand.

The disc brake calipers to be supplied for the 05+ are opposed piston type brakes developed through Akebono’s unique technological capabilities to achieve superior braking performance with light weight and high rigidity.

This expertise has been cultivated through the company’s development of brakes for motor sports including Formula 1.

Additionally, to coordinate with the development lead-time of Lynk & Co, Akebono developed a new computer simulation evaluation technology which significantly shortened the required time for product development compared to previous methods.

The company said it will continue to proactively seek new business opportunities with automakers to increase sales in China and work towards achieving its Business Turnaround Plan to secure sustainable growth for the future.

About the Akebono Group

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Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd. (TSE: 7238), founded in 1929, is a world leader in advanced brake and friction material development and manufacturing. With a focus on brake products for the automotive industry, the company is determined to provide safety and peace of mind to its customers. The company is a global supplier of friction materials including brake pads and brake linings, and mechanical parts such as disc brakes and drum brakes. It also supplies brakes for motorcycles, rolling stock including bullet trains, forklifts, and other industrial machinery. Its expertise in vibration analysis technology has also been leveraged to expand business in other fields such as the development of sensor products for various applications.

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