Knott Brake Partners with Award-Winning Supplier

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Source: Knott Brake Company announcement

LODI, Ohio – The Knott Brake Company partnered with its long-term powdered metal supplier, Sintergy Incorporated, to develop a new concept in the manufacture of 6-inch drum brake shoes using the powdered metals manufacturing process, and in doing so were awarded the 2021 international award for an Outstanding Application of Powder Metallurgy in the Lawn & Garden/Off-Highway category for the manufacturing of Knott Brake’s newest brake shoe design.

The award is governed by the Metal Powder Industries Federation and was presented to Sintergy Inc. during their annual ceremony. The brake shoe design was selected for recognition by a panel of industry experts and professionals from an international field of entrants and is used on the Knott Brake Company’s 6-inch drum brake application.

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Powder metallurgy is a metal-formation process. Fine powdered metals are blended together and compacted to form parts and other products. Those parts are then heated to near-melting temperatures to bond the material together.

Sintergy Inc. is a world-class manufacturer of custom powder metal components, and the Knott Brake Company congratulates its partner on this well-earned recognition.

The entire Knott Brake Company team prides itself on its wide range of innovative products, and congratulates the Sintergy team for all their efforts in helping us launch this innovative shoe design.

Based in Lodi, Ohio, the Knott Brake Company has been in business since 1987. Knott Brake is a premier supplier of brake assemblies, axles and other precision components for a variety of sectors, including lawn and garden, specialty drivetrain, agricultural, and various other industrial braking applications.

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The Knott Brake Company engineering team works diligently to create custom brake systems and other drivetrain and wheel end components for a number of applications and is ready to work with you on your next challenge.

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