Knott Brakes Discusses Origins, Ongoing Business

In an interview at, Knott Brakes CEO Joseph Kott discussed the business. Some highlights:

We have a couple interesting projects that have come up in the last few years. We like to take on the challenges others don’t and we dig into the details to make sure the solution fits the goals of the project. One was a woman who shows dogs professionally. She needed a way to exercise the dogs before shows and had developed what was a large hamster wheel. The problem was she didn’t have a way of slowing it down and stopping so the dogs were falling off or tripping when they were done. She found us online and we developed a braking system that works with the animal.

We were also responsible for creating a brake system used to simulate the Mars rover for NASA. Our system had to give the experience of landing on Mars which was a really interesting challenge.

But the one we really sank our teeth into recently was for a mower manufacturer. The braking system specifications said the mower had to be able to sit on a hill of a specific incline for so many minutes running without a braking problem and their previous vendor had met those specifications.


The only way to maintain a good culture is to get the right people, in the right seats, doing the right things, and following our values.  To get people in the right roles, they need to know and understand the role, they must want to do the role, and be capable to do what’s required of the role.  If you don’t have this, people will not be happy or do a good job for the better of the company.

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