Keronite Tech: Aluminum With Ceramic Coatings

DRESDEN, Germany–Keronite is exhibiting new braking technology – developed in partnership with InnovateUK and Alcon–high performance, low cost, aluminum brake rotors with ceramic coatings. The tech was recently shown at EuroBrake 2019.

By replacing typical iron brake rotors with aluminum rotors, Keronite is developing disc brakes that offer a 50% weight reduction over their iron equivalents, while offering multiple performance improvements.

Utilizing PEO technology – a surface treatment that uniquely improves the performance of, and enables the use of light alloys – Keronite has adapted a ceramic coating that enhances aluminum discs with properties such as extreme wear performance, high strain tolerance, and mechanical and thermal stability.

What’s more, the aluminum disc brakes are said to ‘achieve a lower lifetime cost of ownership and significant CO2 savings over the iron alternative.’

Matt Hamblin, CEO of Keronite said: “Europe’s leading braking technology conference was the perfect place for us to showcase the RELIABLE project. It gave us the opportunity to discuss the future of the project with the world’s largest automotive manufacturers directly.”

To find out more about how Keronite use PEO technology to enhance aluminum disc brakes, details on their findings, and to receive updates on the progress of the project; download the full keynote presentation made at EuroBrake 2019 at

If you want to find out about the project’s findings directly, get in touch with experts from Keronite.

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