Honda SENSING 360 Provides 360° ADAS

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Source: Honda announcement

TOKYO – Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has unveiled the new Honda SENSING 360 omnidirectional safety and driver-assistive system which removes blind spots around the vehicle and contributes to collision avoidance and the reduction of driver burden while driving.

Further evolved from the previous system, Honda SENSING 360 features an expanded sensing range not only in the front and rear, but omnidirectionally around the vehicle.

Application of Honda SENSING 360 will begin in 2022 with automobile product introduced in the Chinese market. Honda will strive to expand the application to all models to go on sale in all major markets by 2030.

Striving for a collision-free society for everyone sharing the road, represented by thel slogan “Safety for Everyone,” Honda has been pursuing the research and development of safety technologies from the perspective of both hardware and software.

Since its introduction in 2014, the Honda SENSING advanced safety and driver-assistive system has been further advancing its functions, expanding its application to mass-production models globally and supporting Honda customers in a variety of driving situations.

Honda SENSING 360 realized 360-degree sensing by adding a total of five units of millimeter-wave radar in front and at each corner of the vehicle, in addition to the monocular camera which is used by the current Honda SENSING.

This expanded sensing range covers blind spots around the vehicle which are difficult for the driver to visually check and contributes to the avoidance of collisions with other vehicles and pedestrians as well as a reduction of the driver burden related to driving.

For the development of Honda SENSING 360, Honda leveraged its knowledge and know-how amassed through the research and development of Level 3 automated driving technologies.

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Honda is striving for zero traffic collision fatalities involving Honda motorcycles and automobiles globally by 2050. While leveraging strengths unique only to a company that has both motorcycle and automobile businesses, Honda will continue its sincere efforts to play a leading role in the realization of a collision-free society. 

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