Galfer Expands Disc Shark® Range for Off-Road Bikes

Galfer has introduced the Shark front disc following the success of its Shark rear disc. This new product aims to enhance braking performance for motocross and enduro riders. The launch event on June 17th at Ciglione della Malpensa in Italy showcased the disc’s capabilities to prominent journalists and riders.

Key Highlights:

  • Launch of Shark front disc following Shark rear disc success.
  • Event featured live testing by top riders and media.
  • Improved heat dissipation and reduced wear.
  • Exceptional braking power and stability.
  • Enhanced safety and durability for off-road conditions.

During the launch event, participants tested both the Shark front and rear discs on a motocross track and a specially designed enduro circuit. The tests demonstrated the discs’ versatility and superior performance across various terrains and conditions.

Attendees praised the Shark discs for their precise and safe braking, which significantly improved bike handling and stability. These attributes are attributed to the disc’s innovative design, which enhances heat dissipation and reduces wear while maintaining a low weight.

More about the Disc Shark®

Lower Operating Temperature: The Disc Shark® reduces the operating temperature by 30% compared to other high-end discs, thanks to its single-piece construction, which provides greater strength.

Maximum Stopping Power: With a 20% larger braking surface, the Disc Shark® increases pad contact time and braking power. Its hole arrangement allows for more aggressive pad scraping.

Unparalleled Stability: The disc maintains consistent performance even under extreme temperature conditions, ensuring stability at all times.

Extended Pad Longevity: The Disc Shark® extends brake pad life by 25-40% under normal conditions, also enhancing the disc’s durability.

Galfer Expands Shark® Disc Range for Off-Road Bikes

The success of the Galfer Shark range stems from its innovative design and extensive research focused on maximizing heat dissipation and ensuring exceptional performance. Key features include:

Openings and Fins: These design elements increase the contact area of the disc with the air, facilitating efficient and rapid heat dispersion. This significantly reduces operating temperatures, enhancing both performance and component longevity.

Variable Thickness: The Shark rear disc is available in 5 mm for Enduro and 4 mm for Motocross, providing greater thermal capacity and resistance tailored to the demands of each discipline.

Specific Benefits of the Shark Front Disc

Powerful, Controllable Braking: The Disc Shark® delivers powerful and precise braking in all situations, allowing riders to modulate braking force safely.

Increased Safety: The disc maintains stable performance even under high thermal stress, offering greater safety on steep and challenging descents.

Superior Durability: The optimized design extends the longevity of both brake pads and the disc, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring a more economical riding experience over time.

Developed in collaboration with top international off-road riders such as Steve Holcombe and Brad Freeman, the Shark front disc meets the specific needs of off-road enthusiasts, ensuring excellent performance on difficult terrain and at high temperatures.

The Shark front disc has been developed using the same advanced technology and meticulous attention to detail that made the rear disc a favorite among motorbike enthusiasts and professionals. This new product cements Galfer’s position as a market leader in high-performance brake components for off-road motorbikes.

Availability and Pricing

The new Disc Shark® front and rear discs are available for major off-road motorbike brands, including KTM, Gas Gas, Husqvarna, Beta, Honda, Sherco, Yamaha, Stark, and TM Racing. Future developments will extend to Kawasaki, Suzuki, Ducati, and Rieju models.

  • RRP for the new Disc Shark® front disc: €135 + VAT
  • RRP for the rear disc: €125 + VAT (regardless of thickness)

This revolutionary Shark front disc sets a new standard in the off-road motorbike scene, allowing riders to achieve new levels of performance and safety.

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