Galfer Unveils Disc Shark® Concept

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Source: Galfer announcement

BARCELONA — Galfer Bike launched its innovative fixed version of the Disc Shark®, which the company called the most complete MTB bicycle brake disc available today. Its innovative manufacturing process uses laser cutting to create the optimal design geometry and achieve the best possible performance.

In 2021 Galfer Bike started to develop the prototype of its new brake disc for “gravity” disciplines (DH/Enduro), which was used by the riders of the UCI DH Commencal Muc-Off team last season.

This disc, together with Galfer Pro brake pads, helped Myriam Nicole win the World Championship, and brought several DH World Cup victories and podiums for Amaury Pierron and Thibaut Dapréla.

Thanks to Galfer’s research and development, with the collaboration of Martin Maes (Orbea Fox Enduro Team) and Alex Marin (IJ Racing), among others, the 2022 disc has evolved and improved considerably. Galfer Bike now launches its new Disc Shark® for the most demanding “gravity” DH and Enduro riders. In a second phase they will also be available for Cross-Country disciplines.

The Disc Shark’s main features are:


The Disc Shark®’s design means that less pressure is required in the brake line under the most fatiguing conditions, meaning less effort is required to brake. This translates into a 5-10% increase in braking power under normal conditions.


Even in the least favorable conditions in terms of temperature (steep gradients, high speeds, high ambient temperature and large mass), the Disc Shark® maintains stable and consistent behavior at all times. Its structural design adapts to the different disc diameters to achieve adequate stiffness for each model.


The Disc Shark® drastically reduces the operating temperature – a 30% reduction compared to other high-end discs currently on the market – and is manufactured as one piece for greater strength.

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Under normal conditions brake pad life is increased by 25-40% with Disc Shark®.


The Disc Shark® is lighter than most other high-end brake discs on the market thanks to the optimized design of both the rotor and the hub.

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