FREMAX Expands Brake Rotor Production

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Frasle Mobility, a Brazilian leader in sustainable mobility solutions, is expanding its FREMAX brake rotor production capacity in Joinville, SC, Brazil. Starting in 2025, the production will increase by 20%, reaching a total of 6 million brake rotors annually. This expansion aligns with their strategic investment in technology and aims to meet the growing global demand for high-quality auto parts.

Key Highlights

  • Increased Production Capacity: FREMAX’s brake rotor production will grow by 20% to 6 million units annually.
  • Technological Investments: Significant investments in new automated machinery and optimized processes are driving this expansion.
  • Global Market Leadership: FREMAX, a market leader in South America, is enhancing its presence in North America and other strategic markets.
  • Sustainability and Innovation: Frasle Mobility emphasizes its commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability.
  • Product Portfolio Expansion: FREMAX is expanding its offerings to include parts for North American and electric vehicle applications.
  • Extensive Catalog: FREMAX provides a comprehensive catalog with over 2,000 part numbers for European and American applications.

With more than 35 years of operation, FREMAX, acquired by Fras-le in 2018, produces premium auto parts, including brake discs and drums. Operating from a 25,000-square-foot facility in Joinville, SC, FREMAX manufactures and distributes parts for light and medium-duty commercial vehicles. They are the official supplier of brake discs for Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Brazil and AMG CUP Brazil. In addition to their Brazilian facility, FREMAX has distribution centers in Argentina, the Netherlands, and the USA. The company holds ISO 14001:2015 and IATF 16949 certifications, ensuring high-quality standards.

FREMAX Expands Brake Rotor Production

Strategic Expansion and Investments

FREMAX’s production expansion results from a robust strategic plan involving substantial investments in technology and new production lines. This prepares FREMAX to meet the increasing global demand for auto parts. FREMAX has supplied rotors to the US market since 2009, solidifying its position as a premium product line.

Market Leadership and Global Expansion

FREMAX, under Frasle Mobility, is a market leader in South America, present in more than 50 countries. With increased production capacity, the company is better positioned to expand its presence in strategic global markets, particularly in North America. The demand for high-quality brake discs is growing, especially in markets where safety and durability are top priorities.

Promising Future

Frasle Mobility reaffirms its commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability. By increasing brake disc production capacity to 6 million units annually, the company not only meets growing market demand but also strengthens its position as a global leader in the auto parts industry. Brands like FREMAX and FRAS-LE position the company for sustainable growth and success.

FREMAX Expands Brake Rotor Production

Product and Portfolio Investment

FREMAX is known for its premium products manufactured in Brazil. They continue to invest in groundbreaking technologies, such as Maxcoating, a fully painted line of brake discs made with Nanotechnology for superior corrosion resistance. This innovation highlights FREMAX’s commitment to technological excellence.

Additionally, FREMAX is expanding its portfolio to cater to North American and electric vehicle applications. This strategic focus ensures that FREMAX remains at the forefront of the evolving automotive market. Today, FREMAX offers a catalog with over 2,000 part numbers, providing excellent coverage for European and American applications. This extensive range underscores FREMAX’s dedication to meeting the diverse needs of the global automotive market with top-quality, durable products.

About Frasle Mobility

Frasle Mobility is a Brazilian multinational specializing in sustainable mobility solutions, with a strong presence in IAM and OEM parts supply. The company operates in Brazil, the United States, China, India, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico, with 11 industrial plants, nine distribution centers, four commercial offices, two technology and development centers, and a team serving customers in more than 125 countries across five continents. Frasle Mobility offers more than 14,000 references in auto parts solutions. Since 1996, Frasle Mobility has been part of Randoncorp, contributing to its reputation for innovation alongside entities like Centro Tecnológico Randon (CTR) and NIONE, a pioneer in nanoparticle technologies. The company is also involved in social transformation through the Instituto Elisabetha Randon and supports scientific research through the Instituto Hercílio Randon.

Frasle Mobility: Keep life in motion.

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