EBC Brakes Racing’s New Shims

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Source: EBC Brakes announcement

NORTHAMPTON, U.K. — EBC Brakes Racing – the motorsport arm of EBC Brakes –launched its new titanium motorsport brake pad shims for a range of applications.

The reusable perforated shims offer impressive heat insulation between the brake pads and caliper, in turn dropping caliper temperatures up to a massive 90°F, as well as reducing the onset of brake fade and improving the lifespan of piston seals.

Best suited in dealing with the extreme temperatures found in motorsport, EBC Brakes Racing’s titanium brake pad shims are available now for a wide range of high-performance car applications.

Titanium Motorsport Brake Pad Shims

– Laser-cut from titanium sheet and perforated to reduce heat transfer from pad to caliper by around 90°F.

– Significantly improves on the design of many stock road pads shims which are often rubberized and prone to compressing.

– Designed to benefit all types of brake pads, including race pads and other semi-metallic brake pads.

– Can be re-used at pad change unless damaged.

– Helps reduce the onset of brake fade and extend the life of caliper piston seals.

– Complemented by EBC Brakes Racing’s range of high-performance motorsport brake pads, including the RP™ and SR™ ranges.

– Available for a range of applications now.

– A must-have for improving the longevity of any race car’s braking system.

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About EBC Brakes

Privately owned, EBC Brakes is a world leader in the manufacture of disc brake components. Expanding rapidly in the automotive industry, the company has become a world leader in sport, high performance and race brake pads and discs with a massive range of products. The company is proud that all its brake pad materials are completely free from heavy metals and sulfides, making them eco-friendly.

The company produces 100 percent of its automotive brake pad range in its Bristol factory in the UK.

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