Continental’s Autodiagnos Drive Helps Maximize Diagnostic Data-Driven Services

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Source: Continental announcement

Allentown, Penn. – Continental, a leading aftermarket supplier of original-equipment-engineered parts, advanced diagnostics, service information, and connected services, has just launched the Autodiagnos Drive™, an innovative, remote vehicle data solution designed to deliver advanced diagnostic information that service providers, fleet managers, and repair facilities can use to maximize theirdata-driven services.

The recently launched technology was today (Nov. 2nd) named winner in the Technology category of the AAPEX 2021 New Product Showcase at the onset of the annual trade show in Las Vegas.

This easily installed, plug-and-play technology provides users with live access to extended vehicle diagnostic data for all popular makes and models of passenger cars, light trucks, and commercial vehicles, so they stay continuously aware of the vehicle’s condition.

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Autodiagnos Drive helps customers increase productivity, reduce downtime, enhance customer service, and gain better insights into the condition of the vehicles they service or manage. The system will also help them to quickly provide vehicle owners with reliable and up-to-date information about their vehicle’s health and performance parameters.

The Autodiagnos Drive remote vehicle data solution is the result of years of development and engineering. It incorporates OEM diagnostic data, unique OEM-grade hardware, and secure data routing and storage.

The platform is hosted by Continental and integrates with customers’ own service platforms through APIs. This means that shops, fleets, insurance providers, roadside services, and owner-operators will have secure and robust access to not only generic, but also OEM-specific vehicle data that is tailored to their needs.

In order to deliver results with excellent reliability and maximum security, Autodiagnos Drive uses the latest in cybersecurity standards and testing. The hardware is built to OEM standards, using diagnostic data purchased and/or licensed directly from the OEMs.

Christopher Bahlman, Head of Diagnostics & Services, Continental Commercial Vehicles and Services, explained, “Access to remote vehicle data reduces the need to bring the vehicle to the service provider to assess its condition. Furthermore, it can greatly increase productivity for service centers, as well as reducing headaches for vehicle owners. This is especially important given the complexity of today’s vehicles and the value of everyone’s time.”

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Continental’s Autodiagnos Drive is an ‘all makes’ remote vehicle data solution for light duty vehicles with CAN-based architectures and is suitable for use on nearly every light duty vehicle produced since 2008. It enables deeper and broader access to vehicle data across makes, models, and model years, than any other platform. It is easy to use, but robust and secure, and can be updated as vehicles evolve. It will be accessible to users on a 24-hour / 7-day basis.

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