Chinese Regulations on Auto-Product Certification

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Source: BEIJING — posted the following on achieving certification for automotive components and parts by the Chinese government. The post contains an extensive list of regulations covering specific automotive products

The GB Standard (GB stands for Guobiao, or “National Standard”) is the basis for testing products that require certification. Therefore, if there is no corresponding GB Standard for a product, CCC is not required.

The car itself is subject to certification, as are numerous individual automotive components. Certifying the individual components according to the CNCA automotive regulations is the preferred solution; otherwise, service parts imported into China may be detained by Chinese customs. The vehicle manufacturer may be permitted a certain range of parts included in the overall vehicle certification, but this can lead to complications if changes are made to the components or the suppliers. In addition, according to the relevant CNCA automotive norms, these components cannot be marked with the CCC mark.

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In addition to the list of products requiring certification for sale and use in China, the post detailed certain products that either no longer required certification or never did.

We would like to also point out examples of exceptions to the certification requirement such as:

  • Aluminum rims
  • Interior lighting
  • Warning lights in the doors
  • Aluminum door sills
  • Interior Trimming Parts (CNCA-C11-09:2014, GB 8410)*
  • Car door locks and door retainers (CNCA-C11-10:2014, GB 15086)*
  • Horn (CNCA-C11-05, GB 15742)*
  • Brake hose (CNCA-C11-06, GB 16897)*
  • Fuel tanks (CNCA-C11-11, GB 18296)*
  • Retro reflectors (CNCA-C11-07, GB 11564)
  • Vehicle traveling data recorder (CNCA-C11-14, GB 7258)*

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Since 2018 or 2019 respectively, all parts marked with a * are no longer subject to CCC certification. The associated GB standards, however, remain valid and therefore product conformity must be ensured. For further information on this topic please visit the following link about the voluntary CCAP Mark Certification.

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