Brembo Introduces Its New Greenance Brake Pads

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One year after being announced, Brembo presents – for the first time at EICMA – its brake pads designed to combine maximum braking performance with a lower environmental impact

Stezzano (Bergamo, Italy) – At EICMA 2022, Brembo introduces its GREENANCE brake pads, which will gradually replace the entire range of Brembo Aftermarket pads. With a wide variety of compounds, from sintered to carbon-ceramic, and a big selection of part numbers, the new brake pads satisfy the specific needs presented by motorcycles of every kind: road, off-road and scooter.

Brembo GREENANCE pads exhibit better resistance to heat, as they are designed to maintain the same performance even when brake temperatures rise. In fact, dynamic dyno efficiency tests demonstrate that the pads possess a more stable coefficient of friction at high temperatures and high speeds, as well as a 10 percent higher average coefficient of friction, than any comparable application currently on the market. Therefore, riders can expect improved performance at the start and throughout the entire ride – even when the brake system is warming up – as well as a better feeling of grip under braking.


The specific bench test of Brembo GREENANCE pads showed a wear of 15 percent less than the equivalent products on the market.

Moreover, Brembo GREENANCE pad compounds are developed without copper and nickel and, for ceramic compounds, without antimony and asbestos. In addition, by eliminating the use of methane gas in the production process, a savings of about 176 tons per year of CO2 equivalent will be achieved once fully operational.

Deriving its name by merging the words ‘GREEN’ and ‘PERFORMANCE’, the Brembo GREENANCE pads match both customer expectations and the desire to contribute to a sustainable environment. This is achieved without compromising braking performance, which for these pads is equal to or better than the old compounds.

Brembo GREENANCE pads are homologated according to the ECE-R90 standard. They are also equipped with the NUCAP Retention System, the gripping technology that binds the friction material to the backing plate and improves heat resistance.

Each compound will be identified by a different color for each plate, on which the newly introduced Brembo logo is showcased. This features a simple, modern soul with softer, more rounded shapes that speak to the digital native generation.

Brembo is once again at the top through the performance of its products, which now also deliver a lower environmental impact.


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