Brembo Beyond EV Kit Wins Motortec Award

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Source: Brembo announcement

STEZZANO, Italy – Brembo, the leading company in the development and production of high-performance braking systems, has been awarded at the Innovation Gallery of Motortec for its Beyond EV Kit. The new range, which is fully dedicated to electric vehicles, was recently revealed at Motortec.

The new Beyond EV Kit consists of specially coated discs and innovative brake pads, substantially enhancing Brembo’s Aftermarket offer for electric cars. The latest Brembo solutions, derived directly from original-equipment heritage and expertise, have been specifically designed to combine low environmental impact with the best possible performance and safety. This has been achieved thanks to innovative materials and modern technologies used during the development process.

The Brembo Beyond EV Kit includes a new EV disc and EV pad range, tailor-made for the most popular electric cars on the market. The new components are quieter and more resistant to oxidation and therefore last longer, advantages that all contribute to sustainability. A double-protective treatment helps to prevent corrosion of the entire kit and adds brilliance and appealing aesthetics to the discs. Furthermore, a special copper-free friction material with a galvanized backing plate reduces both dust and road noise when braking.

Safety and durability were central to the design of this new braking solution. Electric cars use regenerative braking in addition to traditional dissipative braking, resulting in reduced use of friction brakes.

Over time, this can result in the formation of rust on brake system components that are not used, eroding the safety of the brake system, and increasing maintenance costs. Brembo’s goal was to create a brake kit that was quiet and resistant to corrosion, but which also minimized residual drag.

The latest range of Brembo EV pads and EV discs meets these needs, transferring many of the technological innovations, materials and treatments introduced by the company for the OE Market.

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The Brembo Beyond EV Kit will be available from May 2022 onwards in the EMEA and APAC regions, followed by the rest of the world in dedicated kit solutions which will include coated discs and a special copper-free friction material with galvanized backing plates.

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