Bosch Makes Two-Wheelers Fit for the Future

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Milan – To make two-wheelers and powersports vehicles fit for the future without compromising the thrill of the ride, Bosch offers a bunch of innovative solutions making it as exciting, safe, and emissions-free as possible.

Safety: on the way to accident-free motorcycling

As the world’s leading supplier of motorcycle safety technology, Bosch has already made riding on two wheels considerably safer with safety systems such as ABS and MSC motorcycle stability control. Now the company is going one step further with advanced rider assistance systems.

According to Bosch accident research estimates, radar-based assistance systems could prevent one in seven motorcycle accidents. These electronic assistants are always vigilant and, in emergencies, they respond faster than people can.

Motorcycle stability control (MSC): Bosch developed the first all-in-one safety system for two-wheelers in the world: motorcycle stability control. MSC has enhanced safety of motorcycle riders since 2013. MSC assists riders during critical low siding situations as well as it immediately counters while braking in bends. This can improve both riding stability and braking performance.

For the first time, the Bosch MSC system is installed on an electric motorcycle the Zero SR/F. It shows that increasing demand of safety systems for various type of vehicle including electric motorcycles, and Bosch MSC contributes to increase riding safety for every rider.

Advanced rider assistance systems: The advanced rider assistance systems improve safety and comfort for motorcyclists, comprising adaptive cruise control (ACC), forward collision warning, and blind spot detection. The technology underpinning these systems is a combination of radar sensor, brake system, engine management, and HMI (human machine interface). The radar functions as a sensory organ providing accurate picture of vehicle’s surroundings, improving riding safety and comfort without reducing the enjoyment of riding. The motorcycle manufacturers Ducati and KTM will include the new rider assistance systems in the model production as soon as 2020, which is the beginning of Bosch advanced rider assistance systems production. The systems will also be included in the production models of Kawasaki, starting the series production in 2021.

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