Bosch Innovates Vehicle Motion Control

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Bosch’s Vehicle Motion division introduces groundbreaking solutions enhancing safety, dynamics, and driving pleasure. Their hardware-agnostic software, Vehicle Motion Management, controls vehicle motion in all directions, simplifying vehicle architectures and enabling innovative functions. The division’s portfolio includes act-by-wire solutions and an extended braking portfolio featuring a by-wire brake actuator.

Key Highlights

  • Vehicle Motion Management: Cross-domain software optimizing vehicle dynamics and efficiency.
  • eBrake to zero: Ensures smooth, jolt-free braking for enhanced comfort.
  • Data-based services: Provides real-time road condition updates for improved safety.
  • Act-by-wire technologies: Replaces mechanical connections, enhancing comfort and design flexibility.
  • Brake-by-wire system: Eliminates mechanical brake connections, offering dynamic braking.
  • By-wire brake actuator: Lightweight, flexible installation for better vehicle collision behavior.
  • By-wire brake pedal: Redundant system enhancing safety and personalized driving experience.
  • Steer-by-wire system: Removes mechanical steering connections for precise control and feedback.
Bosch Innovates Vehicle Motion Control

Bosch’s Vehicle Motion division aims to revolutionize mobility by integrating chassis solutions that enhance safety, dynamics, and convenience. Launched in 2024, this unit merges expertise from various domains, including braking, steering, vehicle motion software, occupant protection systems, and vehicle dynamics sensors. Their comprehensive portfolio includes hardware components, embedded software, and standalone software solutions, facilitating innovative vehicle architectures and new interior designs.

Vehicle Motion Management is a pivotal cross-domain software system. It coordinates vehicle motion across all six degrees of freedom, managing braking, steering, powertrain, and suspension. This hardware-agnostic software enhances vehicle dynamics, handling, and efficiency, while simplifying the complexity of new vehicle architectures. It includes data-based services that improve safety and convenience, offering features like “road perception” that warn drivers of hazards such as aquaplaning, ice, and potholes.

eBrake to zero is a software function that prevents the jolt experienced when a vehicle comes to a stop. This function ensures smooth braking, reducing motion sickness and improving noise during braking. It optimally controls the electric motor and braking system, ensuring a seamless transition from motor brake to hydraulic brake if needed.

Act-by-wire technologies replace traditional mechanical connections with electrical signals. This innovation not only enhances comfort and vehicle agility but also allows for more flexible and crash-optimized vehicle designs. These technologies reduce the number of variants for left-hand and right-hand drive vehicles, incorporating redundancy in the design for safety.

Bosch Innovates Vehicle Motion Control

Brake-by-wire systems, including a by-wire brake actuator and ESP®, eliminate the mechanical connection between the brake pedal and braking system. This system ensures dynamic braking under all conditions and opens up new possibilities for vehicle interior design. The by-wire brake actuator translates the driver’s braking intention into action with rapid pressure build-up and precise control, suitable for advanced driver assistance functions.

Steer-by-wire systems remove the mechanical connection between the steering column and steering gear. This system uses sensors to detect the driver’s steering input and transmits it digitally, providing precise control and feedback. It allows for customizable steering feel and can stow away the steering wheel in highly automated vehicles.

Bosch‘s advancements in vehicle motion management and act-by-wire technologies represent a significant leap towards safer, more dynamic, and more convenient driving experiences. These innovations simplify vehicle architecture, enable new interior designs, and improve overall vehicle performance.

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