Bendix Air Disc Pad Wear Sensing Tech Honored

Source: Bendix

ELYRIA, Ohio –A new Bendix product that helps eliminates guesswork on air disc brake pad wear in trucks and trailers and can alert fleets to the approaching need for pad replacement, has been hailed as one of the industry’s top 20 products of the past year by Heavy Duty Trucking.

It is the fourth year running that a Bendix innovation has earned Top 20 Product honors from the publication, and the sixth such achievement in the last eight years.

Bendix introduced pad wear sensing technology on its family of industry-leading ADB22X® air disc brakes in October 2019.

This air disc brake (ADB) wear sensing technology uses sensors to determine when an air disc brake pad is nearing the end of its service life, and then can use various vehicle-based methods (such as telematics) to signal fleets that it’s time to proactively schedule pad replacement maintenance.

Bendix wear sensing technology is available for both tractor and trailer on original equipment through select OEM truck and trailer manufacturers. 

“We’re honored that Heavy Duty Trucking, a leading industry voice, has recognized Bendix’s pad wear sensing technology for the full family of our ADB22X air disc brake as a Top 20 Product,” said Keith McComsey, director of marketing and customer solutions, Wheel-End, at Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC (BSFB). “This technology really is game-changing to Bendix customers because it has the potential to deliver lower total cost of ownership (TCO) opportunities.”

Once installed, the technology helps lower maintenance costs for fleets in two ways: by reducing how often technicians need to inspect air disc brake pads for wear; and by giving fleets advanced notice of the need for maintenance, which lets them optimize maintenance scheduling. As a further benefit, since the technology provides fleets or technicians an early alert when pads are approaching the point of replacement, it also may protect costly ADB components – such as rotors – from damage caused by brake pads in service past their useful life.

“With this technology, fleets can realize enormous advantages related to inspections, replacement, and how they’re protecting their investment,” McComsey said.

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