on Ferrari’s Unique F1 Brakes

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SÃO PAULO – posted an interesting article on the latest developments of Ferrari’s Formula 1 brake systems which were tried at Sunday’s F1 event in Brazil.

The article, which can be viewed, along with a variety of images, by clicking HERE, discusses the specifics of the brake setup, showing diagrams and graphics for illustration.

According to the report by Giorgio Piola and  co-authored by Matt Somerfield, the F1 team continued to evaluate the rotor material as well as a new asymmetrical layout.

This layout allows the braking components on the two sides of the racecar to handle the airflow which passes through them. According to the article:

“The right-hand side option delivers more of an aerodynamic benefit, as the airflow is dumped out of the wheel face.

“In contrast, the left-hand side layout focuses more on temperature control, as it forms more of a barrier to the wheel rim and transfers less heat to the tire as a consequence.”

Again, for further details, including the informative graphics, click HERE.

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